Reasons Dental Bridges Put a Smile on Your Face

If you are dealing with missing teeth over time that can start to change your appearance. Not only does it alter your appearance, but missing teeth will also have an impact on your self-confidence and your overall dental wellbeing. Fortunately, at Belle Meade Family Dentistry in Nashville, Tennessee, Dr. James R. Pace Sr. offers dental bridges to help correct those issues and help bring back your smile back to life. Listed below are a few reasons why dental bridges might be the right choice for you.

Get your full smile back

Obviously, missing teeth presents an unfavorable appearance when it comes to your smile. Luckily, with the help of a dental bridge, you can fully restore your smile as if your teeth never left.

Keep your face in shape

Dental experts have stated that missing teeth can have a huge impact on your face since it causes your jawbone and facial musculature to change over time. With dental bridges, you can maintain a normal facial tone a keep your natural look.

Improved Speech

If you’re dealing with missing teeth, then you’re probably also dealing with speech issues. Filling those empty areas with a dental bridge can rectify your speech impediments that are caused by your lost teeth.

Rid yourself of oral discomfort  

Experts say that even missing a couple of teeth can lead to uncomfortable oral issues like TMJ. Missing teeth also impact the way you chew, causing bite problems that lead to other dental issues. Dental bridges can be implemented to prevent these problems from form happening.  

Avoid shifting teeth

When your teeth are missing teeth your remaining teeth will start to shift from their designated position to try and fill in the empty spaces. Dental bridges will help keep your remaining teeth in place while filling in the spaces left from missing teeth.

As you can see dental bridges can help correct many different oral problems. If you’re suffering from missing teeth and are looking for a restorative solution, contact our offices located in Nashville, Tennessee to schedule an appointment to speak to Dr. James R. Pace Sr.

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