Do I Need Bone Grafting Before Dental Implants?

If you are considering getting dental implants to help restore good oral health to a particular tooth or area of your mouth, you may have heard about the possibility of bone grafting. While not everyone needs to have bone grafting done before they are able to get dental implants, some people do. Look below for some reasons why it might be appropriate.

Why Bone Grafting Is Appropriate in Some Cases

You might be a good candidate for bone grafting if you have a weakened or damaged jaw structure or if you have gone for many years without having restorative dental care done. In this case, your existing jaw might not be resilient enough to bear the stress of dental implants, and you may need to undergo a simple bone grafting procedure that will help prepare your mouth for implants. You will work with your dentist to decide on a source of the bone graft tissue and undergo a fairly simple surgery that involves placing healthy bone tissue into the gum and jaw area in order to strengthen it prior to implantation.

However, if you have generally positive oral health, including healthy gums and teeth and a strong jaw structure that is free from pain and inflammation, you are likely to be able to get your dental implants put in without having to get bone grafting done.

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