Dental Implants: Are the Benefits Worth the Cost?

If you have lost one or more teeth due to gum disease, genetics, injury or any other reason, you have several treatment options you can choose from. In addition to traditional treatments like bridges and dentures that have been used to replace teeth for many years, you also have the option of receiving dental implants in Nashville, TN. Dental implants are a popular treatment choice for a variety of reasons, but are they worth the cost? To answer this question, we will explore the many benefits that implants offer.

What Are the Benefits?

There is no tooth replacement treatment that is the “right choice” for everyone, but dental implants are a great choice for those who value:

·         Convenience

·         Aesthetics

·         Comfort

·         Durability

·         Bone health

Implants are extremely convenient because they don’t have to be removed and reattached daily like dentures. Once they are placed by an experienced dentist, they remain in the mouth permanently. They are carefully color-matched to your teeth so they don’t stand out, and they can make your smile more aesthetically appealing. They can also restore dental functionality that may have been lost with your missing teeth.

Once implants have fully healed, they are very comfortable and feel like regular teeth. They are also durable and highly reliable, with many lasting up to 25 years without needing replacement. In addition to all of these benefits, implants have also been shown to stimulate the jaw. Natural tooth roots perform this same function. Consistent stimulation of the jaw bone decreases bone degradation that occurs after a tooth falls out.

For many people, these unique benefits are well worth the cost of dental implants. While other treatments for missing teeth work well for many people, they do not offer the same benefits as implants.

Find Out if You’re a Good Candidate

To find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants in Nashville, TN, call Belle Meade Family Dentistry and schedule an appointment with an experienced and respected dentist.

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