Dental Crisis? Here’s How to Find an Ideal Emergency Dentist Near You!

Picture this: you’re out with a group of friends or family at your favorite restaurant, and you’ve just taken a bite into your most favorite meal on the menu when, crack!, you realize that you have just bitten down on something that has caused a significant tooth fracture.

After coming to terms with the shock, discomfort, and bleeding experience of this event, you realize that you need to find a dentist nearby…STAT! Fortunately, all it takes is a simple search for a dental professional in Nashville, TN and you can be on your way to receiving the important care you need, quickly!

When to Call for Help

Scenarios such as the one mentioned above are ideal for the usage of emergency dental care. Others can include any of the following:

  • One of your teeth was knocked out.
  • One of your teeth suddenly fell out. (This does not pertain to baby teeth.)
  • Something has happened with your bite, such as a hit to your jawbone.
  • One of your teeth has suddenly gone dark or become very discolored.
  • You are experiencing intense tooth pain.
  • You had gum surgery or another type of surgery, and you believe the site may be infected.

If you have experienced a tooth being knocked out, do not be alarmed, although it is a totally natural response. Instead, consider these few smart steps. First, you should clean it and reinsert it into the tooth socket, if at all possible. If you cannot reinsert it, try to keep it moist by putting the tooth in a glass of whole milk, or if milk is not available, as much saliva as will cover the tooth. This will help preserve it until you can reach our office. Try not to touch the root of the tooth as this can cause damage. You’ll also want to identify a local dental office that is available to offer emergency services as soon as possible to preserve the tooth and your smile.

When you step into an emergency dental office for care, there are a few important tips to consider regarding information supply to the care team that can assist in getting you the help you need, faster. These may include a timeline of when your problems happened, any ER incident reports (if you were in a car accident, had a fall, etc.), or other pertinent information.  

Along with this important information, you should also be equipped with the knowledge of what to look for in a local dental office for fast care. Dr James Pace and the talented team at Belle Meade Family Dentistry offer emergency, same day dental services in Nashville, TN and are also available over the weekend to deliver the care you need in a fast and timely manner. At Belle Meade Family Dentistry, modern technology and anesthesia are used to ensure your smile is your smile is restored or rescued in the most comfortable and convenient manner possible.

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