Bring Your Teeth Back to Life With Composite Fillings

If you are considering dental fillings in Nashville, TN, you may want to consider opting for composite fillings. These fillings are composed of a unique mixture of plastic and glass, and they are used to restore the look and health of decayed teeth. Composite fillings are usually tooth-colored and they perform their job by altering the color and/or reshaping teeth that have lost their shape.

Basic Information

The composite is placed on top of each decayed tooth in layers. It is then allowed to harden, and finally shaped in order to fit the original tooth. Our dentist will also polish your composite to prevent tarnishing and premature wear.

The cost of a composite filling varies from place to place, but it is generally understood to be roughly twice the cost of a traditional silver filling. The majority of dental insurance plans will reimburse patients up to the price of a silver filling – it is the responsibility of the patient to cover the difference. However, as composites increase in quality and popularity, insurance companies will probably increase their coverage.


There are several benefits of composites. Read more about their benefits below.

·         Natural appearance

·         Additional support of the tooth structure

·         Lower chance of breakage

·         Insulated against extreme temperature changes


Composites are truly revolutionary and life-changing for many patients, but as with any dental procedure, they do have their drawbacks. Some of these drawbacks include:

·         Increased sensitivity after procedure

·         Color can be altered by food and beverages

·         Shorter life-span than silver fillings (especially in larger cavities)

These disadvantages may seem intimidating at first, but if you are concerned about staining, our dentist can apply a plastic coating over your composites to prevent this. Composites also tend to hold up better in smaller cavities.

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Overall, composites can be a wonderful option for patients who do not enjoy the appearance of silver fillings. Our office will be more than happy to provide you with additional information regarding composites.  Please contact Dr. James Pace at (615) 653-4555 to schedule an appointment.

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