Are You Looking For A Dentist That Puts You To Sleep?

If you’re in need of dental treatment, you may be apprehensive to receive treatment because of dental anxiety, or feeling nervous regarding various aspects of each procedure, including pain or discomfort. However, with sedation dentistry, there is no reason to let anxiety or hesitation keep you from the smile you deserve. A dentist in Nashville, TN can help determine the best sedation options for you, to promote a pain-free experience.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

As a patient, it is fully possible to feel relaxed and calm during your dental procedure, and walk away from your appointment raving about your experience. This is why it is so important to select a dental professional that can provide this type of environment. Dr. James Pace and the talented and friendly staff at Belle Meade Family Dentistry in Nashville, TN are trained in sedation dentistry, including offering options such as nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and painless injection techniques such as anesthetic buffering. Dr. Pace and the skilled team provide you with a dental treatment experience that not only improves the function, health, and appearance of your mouth, but leaves you feeling good about going to the dentist. Dr Pace offers the following sedation options are available for you:

  • Nitrous oxide: This gas is delivered through a special noninvasive mask that goes over your nose. You breathe in the nitrous oxide and feel a sense of calmness. After the treatment, the gas wears off almost immediately. Most patients report feeling refreshed, and many do not remember much about the procedure.
  • Oral sedation: If you prefer, you can control your dental anxiety with pharmaceuticals. These will be dosed by A dentist depending on your age, weight, and other medical considerations. They provide a calming effect on your body, and usually allow you to “tune out” during dental treatments. Although you are awake during your procedure, you will not remember much about it when it is over. Oral conscious sedation is an amazingly predictable and extremely safe way to provide dental care to anxious patients.
  • IV sedation: If needed, you will be monitored on site by a dental anesthesiologist while the anesthetic is delivered through an IV. You will be completely asleep during your dental treatment. You will need to have a driver with you and may need to block off several hours even if undergoing a shorter treatment. Our team will advise you about this when you arrange your IV sedation appointment.
  • Local anesthesia: this is a pain-blocking method wherein we may apply a topical anesthetic to a specific area before injecting an anesthetic that will block the nerves that sense pain. The numbing sensation usually lasts from two to four hours.

No matter what your dental needs are; whether it’s the restoration or treatment of one or several teeth, Dr Pace and the skilled team at Belle Meade Family Dentistry in Nashville, TN are passionate about ensuring your experience is as pain-free and optimal as possible.

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