Dental Patient Needing Periodontal Treatment

Like so many other health conditions, gum disease sometimes seems to come out of nowhere. However, many people who have been diagnosed with gum disease realize that they missed the early warning signs. To be sure, some of the indicators of potential gum disease are easy to overlook or just consider “annoyances” rather than medical problems that may require periodontal maintenance in Nashville, TN, with a dentist. However, any mouth changes need to be taken seriously because they could point to a problem that can affect your entire system.

What changes are most often reported in people who later find out they have gum disease?


1. Breath That Smells Awful

Everyone gets bad breath occasionally, especially after eating strong-tasting foods made from ingredients such as garlic or onions. Fortunately, most bad breath can be brushed, flossed, and rinsed away. On the other hand, bad breath that persists day after day despite excellent at-home oral hygiene may indicate a build-up of damaging bacteria deep in the periodontal pockets between the teeth and gums.

2. Gum Recession

When the gums begin to recede, they expose the tooth and tooth root to potential decay. Often, people with gum recession also report heightened sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweet foods. Because gum recession occurs slowly, it may seem to be a “normal” occurrence. Yet any gum recession could hint at possible gum disease.

3. Swollen, Irritated Gums

Healthy gums have a consistent color. Gums that have turned red or swollen in places should be examined by a trained dentist. The dentist will look for underlying causes, including early gum disease. If gum disease is the culprit, the answer usually will be an initial periodontal maintenance session followed by regular periodontal maintenance appointments at three-month or four-month intervals.

4. Gums That Bleed Suddenly

It is not unusual for gums to bleed during flossing or even after intense brushing. Most times, people can stop the bleeding by using less force or switching to a softer toothbrush. Gums that bleed for no reason are a concern, though, and deserve the attention of a dentist. Gum disease destroys healthy gum tissues, which is why bleeding from between the teeth may start from time to time.


Could You Need Periodontal Maintenance in Nashville, TN?

Thinking that you may have the beginnings of progressive gum disease can be worrisome. But rest assured that a caring, knowledgeable dentist like Drs. James R. Pace, Temp Sullivan, and James R. Pace, Jr., understands how to properly diagnose and treat gum disease using the most modern methods and equipment.

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