When trying to achieve your dream, reconstructed smile, dental implants may be the option you turn to. Dental implants attract many people, because of their stability, durability, and permanency. Dental implants are the only true set of teeth that can leave you with natural looking and feeling once again along with giving you almost full biting power back.

For some, dental implants may not be an option. This is not because of the product or cost, but rather the health of the patient. When talking about having proper health, you will need strong bone mass in the jaw and enough soft tissue surrounding your new teeth. Bone density is one of the biggest issues patients lack, when going for implants. Doctors will not place implants with a lack of jaw bone, because the implants will not stay strong. A procedure that may need to take place to dental implants is bone grafting. Bone grafting is a common procedure prior to having your dental implants placed. While bone grafting does not just exist for the sake of dental implant procedures, they tend to go hand in hand.

The bone grafting procedure is when your doctor takes a piece of bone and places it in the jaw to create a stronger structure. When the bone is placed, the patient will go through a healing period where the bone fuses with the existing jawbone, creating a dense foundation once again. This foundation will allow for the implant to hold strong, and not fail. At the time you decide bone grafting is for you, your doctor will aid you in the bone grafting treatment and fill you in on the details surrounding the procedure.

Bring back your full smile and dental strength with dental implants. Your doctor will be able to walk you through the procedure and everything you will need to know prior to undergoing any treatments.