When you decide on going through orthodontics, you may not realize you’re doing more than just straightening your teeth. The braces procedure, of course corrects misalignment, but also provides your oral cavity with better hygiene.

When you have straightened teeth, you have a better chance of reaching all of the places that should be cleaned. Brushing and flossing when your teeth are not misaligned is easier because you’re not working around teeth. When your teeth are misaligned, you could risk having plaque or tartar build up in between the crooked teeth, which could cause tooth decay and gum diseases.

While it is a personal choice to go through the orthodontic process, it has more benefits than you may even know. Your doctor will be able to walk you through the orthodontic procedures available at their location. Most dentists offer traditional braces, and a braces alternative, like Invisalign. Both processes take crooked teeth and straighten them out, and are available at different price points.

If you have not thought about going through braces, or have not yet in life because of price or other reasons, it would be a good idea to speak to your dentist and their staff about the treatments they offer and what would work best for you. Your dentist will be able to answer any questions and inform you of any treatment plans that would be available, as braces, no matter the form you choose are customized for your specific needs. Braces also not only fix misaligned teeth but also fix overbites and under bites. This will improve speech and fix the alignment of the jaw.

If you’re interested in this treatment process, contact your dental office for information. You may also want to schedule a consultation so you can meet with the doctor in person and get a better understanding of the procedure you may choose. During the consultation or follow up appointments, you will have impressions taken of your teeth for your personalized treatment plan, and you will undergo the braces process.