Have you ever thought to yourself how movie stars obtain their pearly white teeth? Have you ever been dissatisfied with the color of your own teeth? Well, if you’re in the Nashville, Tennessee area then the dental experts at Belle Meade Family Dentistry may be able to offer you solutions to those questions. Dr. Pace and his team at Belle Meade Family Dentistry offer several professional teeth whitening treatments that will brighten up your smile.  

You could go with over the counter/mass-produced teeth whitening products, but professional teeth whitening options offer you a more personalized service along with other benefits such as:

1. A more thorough whitening process:

Most over the counter treatments are a “one size fits most “type of product, meaning if you have a more problematic dental issue these products will not give you the desired outcome you’ll be looking for. Also, take into consideration that the products used are better quality than those found in mass-produced items.   

2. Quick and Reliable:

An in-office teeth whitening treatment can be completed in less than an hour and performed by Dr. Pace and his over 40 years of dental experience. The contrast to that is at-home products can take several weeks to see any difference in the color of your teeth and this might be due to your busy schedule.

3. Customized Especially for You:

Professional teeth whitening treatments are designed for your personal oral specifications. This means the treatment will be customized based on your mouth only so you will not have to determine if the product fits your mouths shape and size.  

Other Options Offered      

If you feel like you are interested in a professional tooth whiting treatment, but you don’t have the time to come in for the procedure, you’re in luck. Dr. Pace offers the KÖR Whitening System. This is a revolutionary whitening system that is used by many dentists. It differs from other home treatments based on the advance dental application it uses.

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