Regularly visiting a dentist can be inconvenient, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. You may even be tempted to cancel your upcoming six-month cleaning appointment so you can do other things instead. Many people think it is harmless to put off their regular dental cleanings or stop scheduling them altogether. However, regular cleanings and checkups are essential for good oral health, even if you follow a strict at-home dental hygiene regimen. Here are three disturbing things that could potentially happen to your teeth without regular dental cleanings.
1. Tooth Decay
Plaque is an off-white film that builds up on the teeth and leads to tooth decay if it is not removed. Unfortunately, soft toothbrush bristles are not always able to remove stubborn plaque from the teeth. Thankfully, you can rely on routine dental cleanings to remove plaque buildup.
Professional dental cleanings are more effective at removing plaque than at-home cleanings because dentists and hygienists have access to special tools that are designed to scrape stubborn plaque from tooth surfaces. When combined with regular brushing and flossing, routine dental cleanings can minimize your risk of cavities by keeping plaque under control.
2. Greater Risk of Tooth Loss
Gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss in adults, but it can be largely prevented by regularly removing plaque build-up from the teeth and gums. As mentioned previously, attending routine dental cleanings is the most effective way to remove oral plaque and lower your risk of developing gum disease and tooth loss.
3. Decreased Overall Health
Studies show a connection between oral health and overall health. Scheduling regular dental cleanings can not only help you maintain optimal oral health, but may help you become healthier in general.
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