Even when adults stay on top of regular visits to their dentists, gum disease – also known as periodontal disease – is a pervasive problem. Just because you brush and floss every day does not mean your teeth are not affected. Dr. James Pace, Dr. James Pace Jr. and Dr. L. Temp Sullivan of Belle Meade Dental encourage patients to come see a Nashville dentist right away and to stop putting off treatment of this treatable disease. Here are three reasons to schedule your dental checkup right away.


1. It Is a Gateway Dental Problem

You might think periodontal disease is so common that it cannot be as bad as it seems. You would be wrong. If you leave the bacteria and plaque buildup in your mouth, it can lead to problems such as sensitivity and inflammation of the gums. The bacteria eat away at tooth enamel, which can cause cavities and other issues. In other words, leaving plaque and bacteria in your mouth to fester is likely to lead to even more problems down the road.


2. Oral Health Is Part of Overall Health

If your mouth is unhealthy, it can affect your overall health. People with health problems such as heart disease and diabetes may be at a greater risk of developing periodontal disease. If you are looking to take care of your entire body, you need to remember that dental health is an important part of bodily health in general.


3. You Will Gain a Boost in Confidence

When you have your teeth examined and cleaned, you almost feel like a new person. You can be more confident that your teeth look whiter and your breath smells better. There are not really any drawbacks to seeing your dentist about treating your gum disease. To schedule your checkup with one of our dentists right away, contact the office at Belle Meade Dental today.