Teeth-in-a-Day® utilizes dental implant technology to restore a smile. Patients who have lost most or all of their teeth can get a restoration that looks completely natural and restores proper chewing capabilities. In fact, if you qualify for this procedure, there are a few ways you can benefit.

1. Prevent Additional Oral Health Problems

Losing even just a few teeth can greatly increase your chances of developing periodontal disease. The increase prevalence of bacteria also means that the remaining teeth you do have are more likely to develop decay. However, one issue that may not develop until years down the line is a sunken appearance in the face due to jawbone resorption. Roots of teeth ordinarily provide stimulation to the jawbone, keeping it viable. When roots are lost, the bone tissue begins to resorb and lose density. Placing implants in the bone prevents resorption from taking place.

2. Eliminate Need for Other Procedures

Getting just one implant might be all a person needs to replace a single tooth. However, if the jawbone has already weakened in that part of the mouth, then the patient may also need a bone grafting procedure so that the bone will be strong enough to support the implant. With Teeth-in-a-Day®, less pressure is placed on the jaw because multiple implants are supporting the weight of the visible restoration. Most patients find that they only need Teeth-in-a-Day® to get a new, rejuvenated smile.

3. Restore Confidence

Missing teeth or a sunken facial appearance can make some people self-conscious about their look. Some people will even prevent themselves from smiling or cover up laughing because they do not want to show others their smile. Teeth-in-a-Day® will replace every tooth in your smile, all of which will look fantastic. You will also have the renewed ability to eat anything you want, including the toughest, most fibrous fruits and vegetables.

See If Teeth-in-a-Day® Is Right for You

A beautiful, reliable set of teeth is within reach. All you need to do is contact Belle Meade Family Dentistry to see what restoration you can benefit from most.