Whether you are considering cosmetic dentistry for yourself or for your child, there are two main options you will likely choose between when it comes to straightening treatments. Both Invisalign® and traditional braces can provide effective treatment for teeth that are out of alignment, but which is the better option for you? Consulting with a Nashville, TN dentist can help answer that question. Read on to see why Invisalign® treatment from Dr. James Pace may be the solution you are looking for.

Your Crooked Teeth Are an Embarrassment

If your smile has become a source of embarrassment rather than joy, you need an option that will offer a confidence boost along with long-term effectiveness. For most people, the obtrusive feel and noticeable nature of traditional braces contribute to self-consciousness more than they mitigate it. Invisalign® offers a completely discreet way to achieve the same results.

You Want to See Results Quickly

An imperfect smile can be a source of anxiety, and cosmetic improvement does wonders for self-esteem. When you decide to seek treatment, you probably do not want to wait five years for it to take effect. This is the amount of time it can take traditional braces to complete treatment, however. Invisalign®, conversely, may take as little as a year to be fully effective.

You Are Concerned About Safety

is the product of incredible advancements in dental technology, and while traditional braces are effective, they have not evolved to the extent other treatments have. This is certainly true in terms of safety. While the former contain metal and wires that can be sharp and hurtful, Invisalign® is a completely comfortable and smooth option with no sharp edges to cause harm.

Get the Smile You Want

You should never be ashamed of your smile, but if you are like many people with crooked teeth, you are. Contact us for information on how Dr. Pace can offer cosmetic dental solutions.